The Hummus Place & CMJ

The Hummus Place in Manhattan holds a special place in our hearts. We were first introduced to it...

The Hummus Place in Manhattan holds a special place in our hearts. We were first introduced to it when some friends of ours took us there in 2011. We've been back so many times it's embarrassing.
They have three locations, one in the East Village, one in the West Village, and one in the Upper West Side. The one in the West Village is the best. The food and service can't be matched <3. 

The hummus is so smooth and amazing. It's served warm, which sounds weird at first but believe me, it's not. You can order it with mushrooms, as I almost always do, or with tahini, chickpeas, olive oil, or all of the above.

You can also pick 3 appetizers for 10 bucks. So we do that too and split everything. Their falafel is the real deal. It's so fresh and bright green. It comes doused in tahini and a mysterious cilantro sauce that I could take shots of. 

Also we don't ever skip the babaganoush. It's creamy, light and delicious and goes great with the falafel and hummus. It comes with hot sauce which is green chili-based. I love green chiles. I plan to wear them on my head with flowers on my wedding day, then serve them as appetizers and dessert. My husband will no doubt be a green chile.

After the Hummus Place, we went to go see some CMJ shows. We saw Saint Seneca from Ohio, one of my faves, also Hop Along, from Philly. Girl singers rule the world. We landed at the Topshelf Showcase. My friend Kevin runs the Topshelf Label and we're so proud of him and all his success! It was great seeing him. The show was in Greenpoint at Saint Vitus, a large venue with vegan fare, also much satanic fare... Regardless, the show was great and ended with Braid! Braid is the best. I rocked out so hard, guys. So hard.

Aaaand Sliced! What kind of night is it if it doesn't end with getting sliced @ Vinnies???

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