Sunday, November 3, 2013

KZ takes Chinatown

Chinatown in New York City is definitely an interesting place. It's like walking through H-Mart City. Perhaps for some, this may somehow not sound like a dream-come-true, but for me, as you may have guessed, it is very much like wandering the isles of a massive asian market, picking up things you've never seen before, seeing things of all shapes and sizes, all for an unbelievably good bargain. Roaming the streets is like roaming isles. For me, it's kind of wonderful.

I scored some fresh dragonfruit from an outdoor stand. I've only ever seen them be upwards of $4 each, and for a mysterious fruit for which I had no agenda, it's always been out of my budget. But not today.  $1.50 for this baby-football-sized, barbie-pink and lime-green-finned magical fruit.

It seemed to be at a perfect ripeness when I cut it up this morning to have alongside my breakfast burrito. It was sweet, but without any intense flavor. It was surprisingly mellow considering it's flashy skin and fins. It has black seeds like a kiwi, and had a similar texture to cantaloupe.

 Also, rambutans!

It's like a lychee, but spiky and pretty. The globe-like ball in the center is super sweet and chewy almost like gummy candy. Very crystal-ball-like. You know there's got to be something good in there when it's covered in spiky pink armor. Went to a Vegetarian Dim Sum restaurant with friends there too, but forgot to take pics. Use your imagination for the rest of the post to see how it looked. 

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