Sunday Dinnah's Sunday Dinnah..

I'm so excited about all of my recent cupcake sales and orders!! Thanks everyone for supporting me and helping me get on my feet by doin...

I'm so excited about all of my recent cupcake sales and orders!! Thanks everyone for supporting me and helping me get on my feet by doing something I love. I raise a cupcake to each one of you. Much more baked vegan love to follow.

I've been fighting off something miserable lately, I don't really know what is is, but every weekend for the last 3 weekends I've come down with something awful enough to ruin the weekend full of baking plans. My mom is convinced I got listeria from cantulope, Alex thinks I ate a bug, and others tell me it's just a reaction to the weather changing. Whatever it may be, I hope it gets the hell away from me soon. However, I've been feeling better today and made an extraordinary Sunday dinner feast to celebrate. Thanksgiving is drawing closer and I want to have experienced a number of powerful recipes to have at my fingertips for when the real holiday rolls around so I can bring a construction vehicle-full of food with me to whichever table I end up at in New England when I get there. 

The first recipe I am testing out is a pumpkin and cranberry risotto. Before becoming vegan I used to make a roasted vegetable risotto with gorgonzola cheese which everyone loved, but alas, cheese is out.. and let's be real, that's the part everybody liked best. So, I'm testing the waters with this creamy pumpkin pot 'o stew with some fresh cranberries thrown in for added awesome-hood, and lots and lots of chili flakes. Obv.


I still find myself watching Food Network, even though they don't make a damn thing I can eat, I think it's the force of habit, but I still find it mystifyingly entertaining to watch Iron Chef and watch all the crazy stuff they make out of one thing. It makes me think I need a blast chiller and a salamander in my kitchen. Anyways, somebody made a sausage and cornbread stuffing, and I'm like.. "I can totally do that." So I did just that. I made a skillet cornbread, diced it into cubes to use as my bread, made some tempeh sausage with fennel seed, and sauteed some onion, carrot, celery, garlic, and fennel, and combined them all with some veggie stock and baked the whole shabang until it smelled like gold....If gold smelled like the toasty, bubbly, thanksgiving-y awesomeness that was coming out of my oven.

Basically, we had a stew goin'..

Some grilled asparagus with mucho mucho ajo, and voila... se magnifique.
How many languages can you say awesome in?

So to all you food network personel who think sausage comes only inside the intestinal linings of animals, and that cornbread isn't cornbread without eggs and butter, I'd say you just got owned.
Some DC Punx you are..

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