Pie Times

Friday I came home in a hurry so that I could make a triple layer carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for some friends' joint birthda...

Friday I came home in a hurry so that I could make a triple layer carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for some friends' joint birthday party. Upon doing so, I realized I was out of soy yogurt and had to run back out, and in a way I'm happy I did, because I would have never opened the front door and seen a conspicuous package from amazon at my doorstep that could contain none other than my long-awaited pie book! This book is the newest release from the authors of Veganomicon entitled Vegan Pie in the Sky. I have their 3 other books and obviously flipped out when I found out they were writing a book solely devoted to pie, especially since I spent last August through December baking pies and am now and forever will be obsessed with pie, in general.
Basically, I'm about to paint the town with pie.

Since I frequent the blogs of these amazing authors so very often, I have already made about four of the pies in the book before its release date. I made a fruit pie, a nut pie, a tart, and a chocolate pie and enjoyed all of them.. But never did I imagine a cheesecake. Mostly because all of these delicious pies are so decadently amazing that none of them would be capable of ever inducing a thought of a more extravagant dessert in its diner's mind. Also because cheesecakes, seemingly by definition, aren't vegan.  But when you open a book and feast your eyes upon what you once thought of as "the impossible," you're favorite dessert you thought you'd never eat again, in its revamped vegan form, all things on Earth are now questionable. Up is down, black is white, cheesecake is vegan... Even though I was throwing a party for my friends that night, I was tempted to spend the rest of the night in the kitchen pressing graham crackers into springform pans and cranking these out by the dozen.
Alas, I withheld. 

The thing about carrot cake is that it's half the population of the United States' favorite cake. About a quarter of these cake-eaters will have their carrot cake any way you wish to serve it to them. A precise eighth likes it with walnuts in the batter, baked and stacked between layers of cream cheese frosting. Some say it's not really carrot cake unless the batter includes walnuts and raisins, both golden and non-golden, and must be topped with some carrot-shaped decoration. Some won't even eat the damn thing if a walnut comes within a 3-mile radius of the kitchen the cake was baked in. Luckily, I only had to please two of the many carrot cake-loving Americans that make up our society and settled on a triple layer cake with walnuts(and no raisins) in the batter, lots of cream cheese frosting studded with sugared walnut pieces. I included no such orange carrot-shaped decoration. Everyone knows I'm too punk for carrot decorations. 

Success! It was very well-received by both birthday boys, all the cake-eating guests, and perhaps they'd be too proud to say, but even fooled a few vegan skeptics. Not that its vegan integrity was ever questioned... 

In conclusion, pie's alright. 

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