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I have so many food adventures to share with everyone and no time for blogging! I'll have to pack this one post chock full of food pics ...

I have so many food adventures to share with everyone and no time for blogging! I'll have to pack this one post chock full of food pics and entertaining facts about each one to keep my readers at bay. It's true, I hate it when my favorite food blogs wait 2 weeks or so in between posts. I get sick of looking at the same picture of soup or whatever it was they last posted when I check it. It starts to feel like leftovers that you're sick of eating... Because I've obviously already made it if it's been posted 2 weeks... I mean, come on...

Item #1, Brunch party!
My friends and I celebrated my friend Clare's birthday with the best meal ever, brunch, obviously. Many of the items on this table were made by me, though some were kind enough to make, bake and bring other delicious foodstuffs as well. I made a ton of things from Vegan Brunch like a broccoli tofu quiche, chorizo sausges, smoky maple sausages, spicy italian sausages, bagels, potatoes, french toast and cinnamon rolls. mmmm. Something about coffee and cinnamon rolls make everything just.. a little bit okay again. We had a great crowd and I think and hope everyone enjoyed the food! I can't wait to host another.  Also, I have to share this with everyone:

How great is that?! My friend Abbie made this to bring to the brunch party, and I fell in love with it. Way to maximize the Martha Stewart cuteness. Not like Martha Stewart is cute. She just makes cute things out of food. Anyways, this turtle rocked my little vegan socks off... 
Who am I kidding. Everyone knows I don't wear socks..

Item #2, Fun with Sushi
Making sushi is fun, especially the second time you make it. Because the first time is so unbelievably frustrating and humiliating that it's not that fun until after you eat it. But the second time, you've already learned from your many mistakes, like rolling up the plastic wrap into your perfect roll you just spent half an hour on, or not dipping your fingers in water before you try and press sticky rice onto your plastic-wrap on your mat. The second time you make sushi, you've already forgot to include the nori in your roll twice, so you definitely can't screw that up again, and you can just create beautiful little masterpieces without fuss or frenzy. Making sushi reminds me of when I was a kid, and my mom and I went through this phase where we would make tons of stuff out of sculpy clay and bake it, and we started making these cool little beads where we rolled up a bunch of layers and then chilled them and sliced them, so they came out like little pretty windows. Just like with sushi! 
So I bought a tube of wasabi from the grocery store and squeezed about as much wasabi on each slice as I would put from the wad of wasabi they give you at a japanese restaurant. And then I ate one. And then I cried. That tube is mega-concentrated. It's probably like.. ten times hotter than regular wasabi. Just sayin'.

Item #3, Mac and Cheese
On Tuesday night, I decided nothing else would do me better than a big bowl of vegan mac and cheese and a marathon of Chopped Champions. And that's exactly how it all went down. I also love making a huge batch of this because Alex won't eat it because it tastes too much like real mac and cheese (which he doesn't like) and I get all the leftovers to myself. It doesn't taste just like real mac and cheese, but it comes close, and that's okay, because it tastes really really good, and isn't that all that matters? One giant reason I could never see myself vegan a year or two ago would have been because of mac and cheese alone. It was my favorite thing to eat before I went vegan. And it was the first thing I tried to make after I went vegan. I've tried at least seven recipes for vegan mac and cheese and this is definitely my favorite. People ask me what I make it from instead of cheese, and I take a minute to think, and then answer, "Lots of stuff."

That's how this vegan rolls.

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  1. Hahaha! I did the exact same thing with wasabi on my vegan sushi rolls.