Fall Flavor List!

This weekend I had a special guest and baking assistant come to visit me from the far far away likes of New England. We took advantage of ou...

This weekend I had a special guest and baking assistant come to visit me from the far far away likes of New England. We took advantage of our time together by hitting up the Friday farmer's market and every single supermarket within a 10 mile radius. Basically, I gave her the grand supermarket tour of central Jersey. Really, it was a canned pumpkin hunt. Somebody wiped out all the local stores and we had to road trip elsewhere to claim our rightful pumpkin, that is the pumpkin we, as autumnal bakers, are entitled to.
We made an epic pot of roasted veggie soup from our myriad of veggies from the farmer's market in between making, oh, say... Six different kinds of cupcakes. Listen, it's what I do.

The Fall Flavor List is a list of cupcakes I'm going to continuously bake throughout the season and make available for pickup or local delivery. Or maybe I'll just give them away a lot of the time.. But cash is always smiled upon.  So here goes!

You know, the Misfits song? Or maybe you're just a really huge fan of Smashing Pumpkins.. Or maybe you love pumpkin and autumn is upon us and it's time for all things pumpkin, so this cupcake is for you because: It's a pumpkin spice cake with a pumpkin and cinnamon buttercream, topped with cinnamon and sugar.

Irish Bar Fight
Someone told me that for the caption about this cupcake I ought to make a sound clip that is the screech of a bar stool being shoved out dramatically against the floor to let everyone in the bar knows a fight's on. So if you're Irish, like to fight in bars, or are any fun at all, this cupcake is for you. It's a vanilla cake filled with irish creme, an Irish whisky and butterscotch buttercream with a cherry dip-top and mini chips.

Nothing says Halloween like a big, glowing, grinning Misfits skull. Halloween might be the most fun time of year, in my opinion, because everyone is allowed to go nuts and wear skull heads or a mini-skirt or a giant stick of bubble gum and no one is allowed to call you any names. So if you like the Misfits, beer, and good times, this is your cupcake. It's a chocolate stout cake filled with ganache, topped with chocolate buttercream and a vanilla and chocolate icing face!

Sloppy Drunk
This cupcake is intense and for adults only. If you're ready for a shot, you're ready for this cupcake. It's  blast in a... cupcake wrapper. Maybe you're a rum-and-coke kind of girl. Or maybe you party hard and tequila is the only thing that stands up to you. Maybe you're elegant and sip wine at dinner and occasionally elsewhere. Here, we have a grab bag of flavors, and by flavors I mean liquor, all in this one action-packed cupcake. Anyhow, it's a rum cake topped with tequila buttercream with a wine-infused raspberry.
This reminds me of a haunted hay-ride and wearing buffalo check flannel, and since I'm a fan of both of these, I thought it would be fun to pay tribute to the haunted cornfields of my childhood and stuffing hay into my dad's old clothes and making a scarecrow out of it. It's not exactly a scarecrow, but the long-stemmed cherries covered in chocolate might be a little spooky for the easily-spooked. It's a cornmeal and almond cake with a chocolate rum glaze topped with maraschino cherries.

Toasted Marshmallow
Maybe it's just because I found vegan marshmallows to toast, but toasting marshmallows is so fun! I have this sweet little blow torch that I love having the opportunity to use. It's a graham cracker cake with marshmallow icing and ganache topped with torched dandies!

Hope everyone likes them! Email me if interested!

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