Let's Get Fused

Fusion Food! Two types of food -- merged! It's two things in one! What's not to love? Vegans are pretty good at thing challenging t...

Fusion Food! Two types of food -- merged! It's two things in one! What's not to love? Vegans are pretty good at thing challenging task, and I am here to provide a little proof:
Take for example, this creamsicle-flavored Macaron-Ice Cream Sandwich from Sweet Maresa's which I got at her shop in NYC this summer. Two pillowy jumbo-sized vanilla macarons sandwiching a creamy orange ice cream... All vegans are magical geniuses, but dare I say Maresa is more-so than most. 

Buffalo Cauliflower is a little fusion-y on it's own, but when you put in inside a taco, well, that's super fusion! Bar Bomb√≥n makes a good series of tacos, one of which is the buffalo cauliflower taco. I love all vegan tacos equally like children... But this doubly-fused taco is the real gem of the family.

Okay, are you ready for this? Are you strapped in? The vegan sorceror princesses of Peaceful Provisions make this.. creation, and it is even more fused than you can imagine. It is a pretzel-croissant-donut. It is also savory/sweet on top of being all those things. It's a buttery, flaky [crust] croissant dough, that's super enriched, and pretzel-bathed in the salt bath (also in magic vapors), and then fried like a donut! It's frosted with an amazing maple frosting and topped with apple sage sausage! Could you get more fused? BTW, I just guessed at their process, I am just listing what I think they do to this magical creation, I'm not necessarily right though!

Look, there it is again! This time it is nesting beside a super-fused brownie/blondie/oreo/cake square. I wish I would have taken a shot of the layers on this cosmic brownie-thing. There's, of course, the layer of cosmic brownie on top of an oreo layer, on top of a blondie layer! I feel like there's even more than that. I can't remember. My brain got fused.

Reigning champs of all things fusion, V Street is the winner. My favorite item on the brunch menu, and this is an informed decision because I've tried them all, is the Piri Piri Tofu Shakshouka. The menu description reads: Zhoug Avocado Toast, Long Hots, Spiced Tomato Stew. The tofu is so insanely good, but that is beside the point. The spicy red-chile sauce spikes the tofu, and the cool & buttery, but also spicy, avocado toast balances this dish perfectly. It blends the traditional Shakshouka with the Portugese-turned-African Piri Piri profile, and pairs it with a perfect American Avo Toast. This is the brunch I dream about all week.

Hope you are all getting fused tonight in any way you know how. Try to stay loose, my friends. All we have is one another, and I'm so glad you all exist. I have nothing to say about the election, besides that I am very discouraged by what the future holds, but that I am humbled to be sharing the world with people as wonderful as you all. 


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  1. OMG, that food from V Street. It looks and sounds amazing. Lucky you!

  2. I'm not sure if I could handle the pretzel/croissant/donut/sausage creation, but everything looks incredible! I haven't had macarons since going vegan three years ago, so that looks especially tempting right now.

    1. They are the best macarons! I once at 12 in a day...