Picking Apples, Eating From Bowls..

The fall is here! It's undeniable. We have perfect weather, nice breezes and an abundance of apples! I'm running around town in my ...

The fall is here! It's undeniable. We have perfect weather, nice breezes and an abundance of apples! I'm running around town in my jean jacket and faux moccasins loving the weather. Although I wish I were in NYC for more of it, I had the chance to visit my hometown in New England a few times, and damn, does New England do fall right. I went apple picking with my friend Jess and my mom, and got this huge bag full to take home with me. It was twenty-five bucks, but you can't really beat a bunch of apples that you picked yourself. Macintosh are my favorite apples, but the farm I went to had Empires, Cortlands, Yellow and Red Delicious. They've been kind to me.

When you go apple-picking, bring someone tall so they can get at all the good apples that everyone else couldn't reach.

It was the prefect day. Chilly in the shade, but perfect in the sun. Pretty too.


We had a family dinner in Northampton that night, at this place Hinge, which I never had heard of or been to. They had a vegan dish, so it was totally fine by me. I got this:

It's an acorn squash stuffed with quinoa, butternut squash cubes, spinach, and red peppers with walnuts. It was really good and I ate all of it. I never knew you could eat the skin of the acorn squash. I have been peeling it for years! Well, at least I think you can eat it... I ate it... 

It kind of seems like the rest of the world is catching on to what vegans are doing. I mean, I got almond milk at dunkin donuts in my hometown! Am I dead?

Also, a bagel shop opened a few blocks from my apartment with Vegan Cream Cheese! The vegans are taking over. 
My adorable fiancé cooked dinner for me this week! Sometimes it's hard to cook when I work until 7. I have to walk home, go shopping, clean the mess that's in the kitchen, start cooking, eat, then clean up... It's just too much some nights. Most nights, I'm like, Lemme at it! But some nights I wish I could just walk in to a home with the smell of dinner on the stove. And so I did on Tuesday! It was the Potato Leek Soup from Isa Does It, his favorite recipe from the book. It's super easy, too. We make it all the time. I like to use slices of crusty bread as my utensil. Is that bad?

 I've pretty much thrown my all my plates in storage. We use these big pasta bowls almost exclusively. You can really pile the food in these. It's perfect for when you are so hungry you turn as green as the hulk and swear you are going to eat this pound of pasta by yourself. It's whole wheat so it's fine.

 Also, breaded tofu is my life now. When I don't know what to make, I just saunter into the kitchen and realize I'm dredging tofu cubes in soy sauce already. I wake up and think about this tofu. Just look at it.

 Now that's the perfect bite

I had another crazy put-every-veggie-in-one-bowl moment and made this root veggie bowl with onion gravy. I put some cranberry sauce on the side for some thanksgiving nice. More applestuff to follow!

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  1. man!! it all looks so delicious!!!! how awesome that your fella cooked such a legit meal for you <3!

    1. Yess it was awesome. I hope it's the start of a good trend!

  2. You are eating WAY better than me! Hooray for bowls and eating veggie skins that may or may not be edible.

    1. Yeah, well lots of cake, donuts and bagels not pictured.. Haha