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Vegan Month Of Food is winding down! It's sad to see it go. This is my third year participating and I'm so happy to be a part of it....

Vegan Month Of Food is winding down! It's sad to see it go. This is my third year participating and I'm so happy to be a part of it. I am so inspired by you all! That's the purpose, isn't it? To inspire the vegan community and share things together?

Mac n Dogs bowl from the greatest hits collection

Vegan MoFo is a fantastic way to connect with the rest of the vegan world, whether they are living across the planet or down the block. It's really easy sometimes to feel shut out from the world, like nobody understands veganism and its importance but you, and it's easy to get so frustrated that you want to throw your hands up and wonder what difference you're making in this stubborn world.

An Italian dinner I shared with Alex and our good friend Patrick

Vegan MoFo is a fantastic reminder that you aren't alone, and that you do make a difference -- a big difference! You are valued by all of us vegans around the world. It is easier to do this together than to do it alone! So I'll take this moment to thank each vegan out there, especially those who are participating in this great tradition this month, for being you. I'm so happy that you all exist.

One of many beet burgers that have helped to complete my life

I was recently tagged to participate in the Liebster Award by Morsels & Moonshine, which means she selected my blog as one of her eight favorite blogs to re-tag. She was asked a series of questions about herself, mostly related to veganism, and came up with some new questions to ask her tag-ees. I don't think I'm going to re-tag anybody, but I will definitely share eight of my favorite blogs from Vegan MoFo this year!

1. Connoisseurus Veg is a blog that I just found during this year's MoFo. I love her pictures and blog layout! There's something comforting about a nicely layed-out site.  I meant to do mine over before MoFo, but my computer and web design skills seriously lack. Someday.

2. Little Vegan Bear is another new-to-me blog that I found this month! What I love most about the blog is her theme. She is making a recipe a day related to a band! I have been checking it daily to see what new band she made her recipe from for the day. Such a great idea for a theme!

3. Killer Bunnies Inc is another new blog I discovered this MoFo. It's all about cookies! There's something great about clicking through pictures of vegan cookies.

4. Lazy Smurf is not a new blog for me. In fact, I've been following her for a few years now. It's mostly a vegan guide to Austin, TX. I've wanted to visit Austin ever since I started reading her blog! So far, it looks like before I go I must: fast for a month, be able to afford plane tickets, hotel rooms, rent a car and spend crazy cash on lots of delicious vegan food. I'm working on it. I will get there before the world explodes.

5. Vegan In Brighton is a super popular blog that I am sure you have all checked out by now! JoJo from Brighton shares her vegan experiences in the UK, and also her travel experiences from around the world. It's super fun to read, and see all the things vegans have around the world. I did a semester in London, but there certainly seems to be a lot more vegan options there now than there were when I was over there!

6. Vegan Eats And Treats is a blog I've been following for a year or two now, which is such a nice read! Amey puts a tremendous amount of effort into the blog and shares her life with us! I feel like I know all her cats and dogs by name, and which cats don't like each other and which dog is timid and which is  most animated! She makes adorable doodles to compliment each of her posts that are fantastic and she takes great photos of her food too. If you haven't checked her blog out, you will love reading it, and she is a pretty prolific blogger, too!

7. A (Soy) Bean is a blog by Abby, a fellow Jerseyperson who I had the pleasure of meeting this year at the shop-ups in Brooklyn. Her blog is great, has tons of reviews of restaurants, tons of pictures of her adorable dog, and overall very informative. I like it mainly because she's real. I feel like people don't get real with each other enough. Abby? She's real. You'll like her.

8. Come Scone With Me is one of the first blogs I began following as a vegan! She was at her "get sconed" address back then, and she has been super inspiring for me. She also has done a beautiful job opening up and letting us all into her life. She's a fantastic writer and I love reading her posts thoroughly. I met her for a quick second at the shop-up and was actually kind of shy, and like "hi.. I'm a big fan.. " I definitely recommend her blog to all, as it was wonderfully inspiring to me over the past few years.

Doughnuts from Dunwell

Morsels & Moonshine asked me to answer a few questions about myself, but since I don't have pets, a good reason for starting this blog, any favorite beauty items, and can't choose between cooking and baking, I feel like my answers might read like a middle-school chain letter. All I hope, is that I was able to give to any of you what these blogs have been able to give to me -- inspiration. We all lack inspiration sometimes, whether it be what to cook for dinner tonight, or whether we ought to continue our vegan journeys. We all feel the need to reaffirm our choices from time to time and weigh their values. I think without these blogs, the internet full of sets of open arms, vegan recipes, travel guides, and people's simple stories of themselves, I'd have fallen off the wagon a long time ago. The internet was a greatest place to turn upon my going vegan. Everyone was like, "You're vegan? Great. We're here to help." Vegans are pretty remarkable people, and I am honored to be a part of such an amazing community full of truly inspiring souls.
You are all loved dearly by KZ.

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  1. What a lovely and inspirational post! And thank you so much for the nomination, I will be answering it once MoFo is done :) I've loved reading your posts, and all the other wonderful posts - I too have found so many new blogs, it's fantastic! My blog reader has just about doubled in size!

    1. Is this your first mofo? My first year was the most fun for sure. I still love it though! Maybe next year I'll do a theme. That is dedication though!