Weekend Mashup

This weekend I went back to my home town for a wedding. My aunt got married and it was great to be home and see all my family at once. Be...

This weekend I went back to my home town for a wedding. My aunt got married and it was great to be home and see all my family at once. Being vegan, I never expect to eat at weddings. I always bring a stash of Cliff bars and Justins dark chocolate peanut butter cups in my purse. This wedding had a "captain" who came around to all the tables asking what we'd like to eat, and when he got to me, I said, "I'm vegan. Can you help me?" He said, "Absolutely I can," and that he knew that I was coming and that they were making something for me. Since there was no vegan soup, during the soup course he brought me out a fruit cup, which I thought was super nice, and he also brought me some oil and vinegar for my salad, since the dressings on the table looked emulsified with animal juices. For dinner, he brought me a pasta dish with tomato sauce and vegetables. It was totally good and more than I ever expected to eat at this wedding. He also brought me a lemon sorbet for dessert! Big Up to Captain James at the Delaney House. He understands and respects. 

My mom liked her mini doughnuts! I am glad, because they were a lot easier and faster to make than cupcakes. They were super cute and a success! The morning after the wedding, we went to brunch with my sister-in-law-to-be in Northampton, and it was super nice to see her. She's in college doing fun and interesting stuff and it makes me wish I were still in college too and could spend most of my days drawing or painting or speaking spanish again. sigh..

A sibling portrait

After brunch, which I failed to take any pictures of, we went to Haymarket to read and listen to tunes in a lovely environment. I love coming here to read when I'm in town. They had vegan hot chocolate, but I went for the vegan chai, because chai. So it was me, chai, and Morrissey, with a few tunes to set the mood.

I went to the supermarket with my dad the day earlier, and took a picture of this tiny zine that was at the checkout. Are these a thing?? People eat something named this???

On our drive home, we realized we hadn't eaten dinner. It's become somewhat of a tradition to go to taco bell and get the classic vegan crunchwrap, which you all have surely gotten by now. "Sub Beef for Beans, NO cheese, no sour, Add guac AND potatoes." It soothes my inner teenage soul. However, we had already done this on the drive in, and Alex convinced me that a local pizza place has "the best sauce" and we could totally get a garlic pie delivered. I conceded.

This is said garlic pie. We put our own red chili flakes on top.

Meh. I don't really miss pizza the way people miss pizza. Back me up on this. I'd rather eat spaghetti always. Spaghetti 4 life.

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  1. hahaha... mmm, dump cakes... ahahaha

  2. What a fun trip. I totally know what you mean about talking to people who are in college and pining for the chance to study and learn all day. It sounds pretty rad. I'm sorry to say that I am in the pizza camp. I like pasta too, of course, but if I had to chose, I would step over to the Team Pizza side of things.

    1. I sure do wish I had time to do everything I loved, but sometimes in my free time, I can't find the inspiration to go do it! I'm totally on team spaghetti, but I think team pizza has me outnumbered!