Fall Has Fallen

Today was a cold, rainy day in NYC. Not too cold, just seasonably cold. I dug it, but I would have dug it more  if I could have stayed home...

Today was a cold, rainy day in NYC. Not too cold, just seasonably cold. I dug it, but I would have dug it more if I could have stayed home and watched movies and drank hot cocoa or something. It's almost like I wish it would rain on the weekend so that I could do just that. Welp, I broke my pasta fast, lasting from Saturday night until Wednesday night. Baby steps. It was all Alex's fault. I told him to bring home whole wheat and he didn't. 

Working with angel hair pasta is kind of tough! I feel like there's just too much of it, and it's hard to toss it appropriately to incorporate all the goods into your pasta. Maybe it's best for a dish that has lots of extra sauce. This dish is from Isa Does It, with a substitution or two. It's red onions, seared brussels sprouts, a bunch of garlic, and instead of walnuts I sprinkled a little breadcrumb mix over the top. I also tossed a bunch of my almond parmesan which I made in my vitamix using almonds, lemon zest and nooch. I put it on everything. I threw a handful of olives in mine and left them off the BF's, as he is an olive hater. What gives?

I like that this was a two-pot operation. Lately I have been dealing with a pile-up of dishes. Wash, dry, put away, wash, dry, put away, washdryputaway... I can only work with so many dishes at once in my shoebox kitchen. No really, do you remember what my kitchen looks like?? Yes, the toaster oven dangles off the top of my pantry. I can deal with what I have, but just not every day of the week. Two pots good, Four pots bad.

Your basic sea of onions and veggies accompanied by several cloves of chopped garlic..

Tadaa! This is how dinner looks. This was yesterday so now I'm hungry and have to decide to be strong and do yoga and eat the beast of leftovers in my fridge, or to be weak and eat Earth Balance mac and cheese and watch a Wes Anderson movie.. We are all weak, aren't we?

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