Kitchen Tour!

I've seen a lot of bloggers do virtual tours of their kitchens lately and since I recently moved and I have a rather interesting kitche...

I've seen a lot of bloggers do virtual tours of their kitchens lately and since I recently moved and I have a rather interesting kitchen, I wanted to share it with everyone! It's weird how we bloggers get to know each other through our writing and our food, and not really personally know one another, so it's cool to get an inside look at where all the magic happens :)

So we moved with everything. Everything we could absolutely not part with. We threw away a fair amount, which was hard to believe when my friends all helped us lug it up our 3-floor walk-up. I live in my kitchen! What can I say? I bought a spiral shredder so I can spiralize vegetables. I want to keep it, because I am going to want to spiralize a zucchini in the very near future. I am not throwing that out. I probably would have thrown out the collection of cupcake stands and holders had I not just recently done a wedding where I needed them, plus more. sigh...
Anyways, we packed it all into my kitchen, somehow, with hardly an inch to spare.

Do you see that counter space? That's all I was given to work with. WTF. Also a burner on the stove had been broken for ions before I moved in and the super tried very hard to get out of fixing it.
"When are you honestly going to need all 4 burners at once?"
"Um. Tomorrow."

Thank GOD for space above the cabinets. This just wouldn't have worked without it. Up there, I have my spice grinder, apple peeler, cupcake tree, pizza stone, bamboo steamer, ice cream maker, panini press, waffle iron, spiralizer, vitamix and food processor and all it's attachments.

I had storage bins from apartments passed, and I really didn't know where to put them. I had them by the window while I was reorganizing and was at a total loss for where the dish drain was going to be. I have literally no place to put it. My parents offered to take the storage bins off my hands and I wanted to see them go, but really, I needed the space to put the dish drain on. Whatever. KZ-problems.

This balancing act is where I keep my spices. I have a lot. I have them on lazy susans because the spinning action is necessary to finding stuff. 

Everything I own is on these shelves. It's colorful, if nothing else. 

Yes, the toaster oven is hanging off the shelf a little. It troubles my mother. 

My favorite part of our new place is all our posters and other various things we've drilled to the wall. It makes this space our own. These posters are from my room I grew up in, my friend Kevin is a graphic designer and all of these are his work. They're also mostly all for shows we went to as kids. They rule.

I love my island. A godsend. Or more like a mymomsend. The first day I got my island I didn't leave my kitchen the entire day and made 600 things. I love it. Before it, I was a constant wreck thinking I could literally never make tortellini again, roll out pizza dough, make cinnamon rolls, even assemble lasagna. Now, the sky is the limit. Also I have a place to put my stand-mixer and all, well some at least, of the bags of various flours that were spilling onto my floor.

 My collection of nutbutters, spatulas, stand-mixer and tupperware.

What a remarkably weird collection of items to hold to the fridge with animal-themed magnets.
It's small, and it's tight, but I'm learning to love it, the more great cakes I make in it. The amount of good times cranked out of a space always brings one's heart closer to it.

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  1. I love seeing bloggers' kitchens - yours looks so organised and cheerful and makes me feel perhaps it is time for me to make more of the space I have above my kitchen cupboards - am impressed that you managed to fit so much in

    1. Thanks! It is a tight squeeze in my kitchen, but it has served me well so far.