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Happy Spring Y'all! The weather is just beginning to tilt towards Spring, and each day I can smell more life in the air than the day be...

Happy Spring Y'all! The weather is just beginning to tilt towards Spring, and each day I can smell more life in the air than the day before. The sun is up when I leave work, and cherry season is but a month away. I have been doing what I do, making veggie stock, drinking seasonal brews, cooking spaghetti, taking walks to explore, and practicing my chaturanga ;) Also, look at this drink my friend Lauren made for me! I don't know how to speak coffee, but its made from almond milk, chocolate, and magic. That's all I can disclose.

My boss reminded me to eat more broccoli rabe because it is awesome. He is right. Especially when you cover it in spaghetti, but what isn't amazing when covered in spaghetti??

Alex and I hit the shop-up so hard, you guys. Most recently, in one 6-hour stint at a Saturday Shop-up I ate a BBQ slider, split an Ethiopian feast from Bunna, mac n cheese, a cinnamon bun with peanut butter, a macaroon, a chocolate caramel, a bunch of fudge, a cup of chai, and drank 4 beers. Whaddyagonnado...

For St. Paddys Day some friends came over and I made some Irish stylee food to enjoy over beers. This is my Irish Soda Bread, which looks a bit freakishly huge, but it was freakishly tasty too, so I'm not sweating it either.

 Pretty dope vegan Irish Stout

 Irish Stew with seitan and biscuits

 vegan Baileys with coconut milk

So the other night I was thinking about what to make for dinner, so I texted Alex and was like what do you want for dinner, to which he replied, "I got this." So Alex has cooked for me one time in the last ten years.. and with a track record like he's got, I assumed "I got this" meant "I'll get seamless," but in fact, when I walked in the door, he was almost done making enchiladas!! The best part is that he used a recipe from my site. Awww. I was super impressed because enchiladas are not really a beginner's recipe. It requires making a chile paste by reconstituting chiles, making a vegetable filling which requires chopping veggies, and on top of that he made rice and beans in a chipotle-beer sauce! I was so amazed, it's almost like I made it up. Did I make this up??? Is this real life???? 

 Impressive Enchiladas ala Alex

Oh, and I made the Roasted Red Pepper Mac from Isa Does It again. What else is new??

This past weekend it was so nice out, so we ran with our Springtime jackets on to BK and went to Champs, my first love, and got breakfast, went wandering through McCarren Park and flipped through all the vinyl in Human Head Records, scoring a few 7"s and ultimately our weight in doughnuts from Dunwell. It had been too long. I had an apple pie doughnut there and it reminded me that I haven't made a pie since like, Thanksgiving? What gives?? Pie soon. For days.

 I had a moment with this brownie. It contains my soul.

Perusing the #vegan hashtag is a little depressing for me, since it's just a bunch of pictures of skinny girls in their underwear, or pictures of food that looks so good but I can't eat because it is only on a screen, or pictures of really wholesome-looking food like smoothies with flaxseeds and goji berries and maca powder and spirulina and green tea extract. All of the pictures usually look great, and make me feel like the worst junk-food vegan. So to console myself, I made this smoothie today! It has a frozen banana, 1/2 cup of coconut yogurt, 1 tablespoon of coconut crystals, a big ass spoonful of peanut butter, 1/4 cup of chia seeds and some almond milk. I put walnuts and chia on top for maximum instagram cuteness. It was so amazing and I felt so good that I walked to work! I beat up all the punks on Crescent Street because I was so jacked up on chia, and got to work 10 minutes early, all while googling the health benefits of chia seeds. I eat chia, so I'm a good vegan, RIGHT YOU GUYS?!?!?

Also, check out my new Summa-time vegan kicks I got today!! Ready for Spring time fighting Crime! I will be back soon with a bunch of baby shower cupcakes and the lasagna recipe of my dreams <33

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