Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wedding Cupcakes

My cousin got married! I made the cupcakes! These are the Pumpkin Maple Spice ones I kept posting about as my draft of them improved. The final draft came out amazing. They are pretty much allergen-free, but I mean maybe you're allergic to, I don't know, air? In which case, don't eat one of these.

 They came out so cute!

 All packed up and ready for Hollywood

All cupcakes were eaten! They were well-received by the allergic crowd and I was super happy with them. Someone actually stole the groom cupcake! I asked him at the end of the night if he ate his cupcake and he said no, someone had taken it already! The nerve!

It was at a beautiful venue in Northampton, Ma. So scenic. Sigh.

 LOVED her dress! 

 Congrats Steph & Nick!!

Oh yeah, and we had fun too. I danced so hard. I was sore for days. Worth it. <333

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