Peacefood Cafe and The Ice Cream Shoppe Formerly Known As Lulas

I really love the weekend. I love not working or being at work or having anything expected of you for two whole days, I really love sleepin...

I really love the weekend. I love not working or being at work or having anything expected of you for two whole days, I really love sleeping in, I love the farmer's market on Saturdays on my street, and I really dig non-metered parking on Sundays. Mostly, I love the weekends so that I can cook a big huge amount of food or I can go out and get whatever food I want at any time, veganized, and delicio-fied. 

I'd been wanting to try Peacefood on E 11th Street, for a while. I heard good things and their menu looked good, and so we went. The space is huge and beautiful and very nicely lit and a huge dessert case in front immediately caught my eye.

The fluffy quinoa salad was the first thing to stand out to me and so I went with it. I have trouble making up my mind about what to order when I'm faced with a menu I could order anything off of. Do you know what I mean?? I'm used to scanning the menu for the one thing I can eat, and determining what I need to leave off of it, and my decision is quickly made for me. When I go to all-vegan restaurants I get so fickle and can't decide if I'm craving quinoa salad, keylime pie or chick'n nuggets.

Yes, they have raw keylime pie. Nothing sounds bad about that to me whatsoever.

Alex ordered the mediterranean veggie panini, which comes with pesto and cashew cheese. I'm a big fan of pesto veggies on sandwiches, or on rice, or on pasta, or anywhere near or around my mouth, so it worked out.

It was flush with broccoli and cauliflower. It was like, a broccoli sandwich. It was good, but I needed more pesto and I couldn't taste the cashew cheese that much. I only got two bites of the sandwich so maybe that's why I missed the main event.

It was pretty, though, with the crusts-cut-off action. Classy.

It was unanimous that we wouldn't be passing on the baked soy nuggets with thousand island dipping sauce. Be still, my young American heart.

My fluffy quinoa salad arrived in all its glory with a mountain of avocado. Shouldn't it just be assumed that you want that much or more avocado topping every plate that is put in front of you? I mean, let's get with the times. I expect silverware, a napkin, a full glass of water, and a mountain of avocado. It's not like I'm asking for blood, just the bare necessities.

The salad was dressed with a whole-grain mustard, and you already know that mustard is my second favorite condiment and in the top 3 list of what I couldn't be vegan without. So I'm thinking you already know how much I dug this salad. I ate every last seed of quinoa, but left feeling like a million bucks. I wish I would eat like this more often. Food can be delicious, but it doesn't always leave your body feeling like it's superhuman. After I ate this salad, I put my cape on, and flew-- To the closest vegan ice cream shoppe.

It's the Ice Cream Shoppe Formerly Known As Lula's. It's like Prince, but vegan and delicious. Kind of like that episode of Sunny when they go to the bar with no sign. I was tempted to say to the person at the counter, "Um I noticed you guys don't have a sign. I thought that was really cool.." But he was too friendly to get it, and I think he was an owner or something because he was super lively. Too lively to be scooping ice cream for minimum wage.

We shared a Brownie Sundae. My life is complete now. I'm writing to you from the afterlife. Earth had its problems, but that brownie sundae made high school, mean older brothers, and a decade at a shit-job all seem worth it. All those troubled times I worked through all led me to this sundae. My path was laid to lead me here, to the ice cream shoppe formerly known as Lula's, to eat this brownie sundae with swirl soft serve with cake batter flavor and chocolate, a scoop of peanut butter banana ice cream, vegan hot fudge, graham cracker crumbs, and coconut whipped cream. Folks, it's alright on the other side.

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  1. Wow, why have I never been to Peacefood cafe?! It's totally on my list now. I'm so glad Lula's reopened, I was scared we'd never get to go there again!

  2. Yum, everything looks amazing! Sounds like it was quite the meal (and dessert)!

  3. I love Lula's. And I have to get to Peacefood soon. Looks so good.