I was born a ramblin' vegan.

I know most people aren't as obsessed with food as I am, so this might sound weird or crazy or be one of those times when someone says ...

I know most people aren't as obsessed with food as I am, so this might sound weird or crazy or be one of those times when someone says something to you about something you have no clue about or interest in, like nerd games or magic cards or world of beetleborgs or whatever. And they say to you something like, "--And then I played the purple card and then a dragon appeared and killed half my opponents but turned the other half into transistor radios and then gave me the power to move 4 spaces but also cast a spooky spell, enabling me to speak Turkish while also making my opponents begin to sink in quicksand. You know?" and then you're like, "Um.. No." And then you pretend you have to go find the bathroom, but really just go look for someone else at the party to talk to.
So hopefully you won't switch blogs or unbookmark me or someting. 
So anyways, sometimes while I'm at work I think about what I want to make for dinner. Then half-way through my shift, I start craving something else, but also still want to make the thing I planned on making. Then I get home and the boyfriend is like, "Let's have X for dinner!" And so then I cook 3 dinners. Does anyone else suffer from this?

I was first planning on baked sweet potatoes with all the fix-ins. I thought the idea of a vegan baked potato bar sounded awesome and fun, in a way that a typical  make-your-own-taco-night does not. My baked potato bar was gonna be awesome, complete with mushroom bacon, crispy chickpeas, and crumbled falafel as stunt meat options, and chipotle crema, avocado sauce, queshew, and hummus as saucy toppings. Now that's some make-your-own-realness fare.
So when the craving for italian tempeh struck me, I got all messed up and figured I couldn't possibly make tempeh along with a million condiments for potato night, so I selected 2 sauces and 2 meaty options from my long list of topping ideas and scrapped the rest for the sake of time and tempeh.
Alas, upon walking in the door, boyfriend says he wants to make kale. Meaning, he wants to cook something. This happens once every 4 years and I would be straight crazy to tell him he can't cook something and wait for the next summer olympics for the desire to strike him again.
I start to wonder how I am going to put all of this food into my stomach, let alone the leftovers into my fridge, and what the hell time it would be when we finished cooking, eating, and cleaning.
There's not enough hours in the day for three dinners, unforch. So I made baked sweet potatoes with chipotle crema, salsa verde, and hot sauce (the salsa verde and hot sauce were already made, tee-hee) alongside grilled italian tempeh and artichokes. The kale is Alex's special recipe, with white wine, tomatoes, garlic and onion. 
Even if I didn't cook 3 composed dishes, this dinner still rocked the house, even though now I feel like I will never need to eat again. 

So what do you guys all think of MoFo so far? I have a few recipes bookmarked, such as Olives For Dinner's bacon-wrapped scallops, Louzilla Lovegood Letter's rainbow cookies, and Mama Bebe Hawk's Pumpkin chocolate-chip biscotti. I am working my way down the blogroll, and have finally reached the "Ts", so don't feel bad if I didn't see your blog yet, I'm working on it!

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