Happy Vegan MoFo!

Hi Everyone and Happy Vegan Month of Food- of #veganmofo, as it is loving referred to in our community. I love participating in VeganMoFo...

Hi Everyone and Happy Vegan Month of Food- of #veganmofo, as it is loving referred to in our community. I love participating in VeganMoFo every year because it renews my love for vegan food and vegan people, gives me lots of inspiration, fills me with hope for the future, and introduces me to some awesome vegans that I never would have known existed! 

I'm KZ, this is my 8th year participating in VeganMoFo, I live in Philadelphia with my husband, Alex, and I like açai bowls. A lot. 

Açai bowls are great on their own, traditional level. But add some peanut butter? And now we are cooking with gas.

Here is my husband and I on our anniversary last week :) We're excited in this pic mostly because we are about to go to Vedge, the best restaurant in the country, if you ask me. I'd be lying if I said Vedge wasn't a factor in my decision to move to Philadelphia. We moved here from NYC 2 years ago, and never looked back. We love Philly!

Veganism is super important to me. I practice veganism for many reasons. It helps me to be mindful about other living creatures and consider their lives, and helps me view the world as a shared space for everyone and everything. 

I stopped eating animals in 2009 to reduce my carbon footprint and contribute less to the destruction of our environment, but also to dissociate with the agricultural industry, wanting never to contribute to its greed and cruelty ever again. Jan 1, 2011,  I went vegan after I made my first successful cupcake (big ups to Chloe Coscarelli for that), and never ate meat, dairy, eggs, honey, or any other animal product again. I had a little cupcake business for a few years when I lived in New Jersey, which was really fun and gave me tons of experience with vegan baking. These days, I stick to the essentials, and patronize all the wonderful vegan businesses in Philadelphia, of which there are many. Some of my faves are Dotties Donuts, Bar Bombon, V Street, Wiz Kid, Blackbird Pizzeria, Hip City Veg, Charlie Was A Sinner, and of course, Vedge. 

Leave me a comment and let me know your blog so I can follow along! 



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  1. Happy VeganMoFo! I also love acai bowls, but I've only ever had them on holiday, because I have the worst blender and honestly don't think it could handle frozen fruit! It's always nice having them as a fun vacation treat.

    1. Hi! You could try a food processor, I have made them successfully in there before! But you should def treat yourself to a nice blender because all vegans deserve one <3

  2. Happy Belated Anniversary! Great intro post!

  3. Happy Vegan MoFo! I've never had an açai bowl, but yours looks great! And your anniversary pic is so cute!

    1. Thanks! Açai bowls are the best, and so are pitaya bowls, my 2nd love <3