Veganomicon 10th Anniversary

Happy New Year Everybody! This year I would like to make a point to cook more from my cookbooks. I have so many that I don't open or ...

Happy New Year Everybody!
This year I would like to make a point to cook more from my cookbooks. I have so many that I don't open or some that I've only made one thing out of and never opened again, and I know they are full of good recipes, and I want utilize them! It's fun that you can now follow hashtags on Instagram, so you can follow particular cookbooks that you may own or want! 
One of the cookbooks that I've been meaning to get more use out of, is the Holy Grail of all vegan cookbooks, Veganomicon, itself.
I was gifted my first copy when I told a friend I was going vegan. She had a copy and lent it to me, and I lent her my Moosewood cookbook. We never switched them back and I believe we did come to an understanding that we'd both just rather keep each other's book than take our own back! But if you want your book back, Sarah, let me know!!
Anyway- She knew that it was a great cookbook filled with a huge variety of recipes for a new vegan to try out, and I immediately started cooking from it, making all the hits: Mac Daddy, Spinach Noodle Kugel, Beanball Subs, Skillet Mole Pie, Summer Corn Chowder, Tempeh Sushi Rolls, Brownie cupcakes, and many more. But after a while, I got new books and this one got sort of pushed to the back of my collection. Since it was first published in 2007, 2017 was its 10 year anniversary! So a re-issue with new pictures and updated recipes was released, and I, of course, needed to have it.
I started making a bunch of recipes from it that I remembered bookmarking years (seven, today!) ago and decided to pick up where I left off. Lasagne is always a great place to start:

Lasagne Marinara, as it is titled, is a straightforward, no frills, customizable vegan lasagna recipe. I probably do not need a recipe to make a lasagna anymore, but it was fun to go along for the ride anyway. I made the Cashew and Tofu Ricotta, sauteed mushrooms and spinach and made them a special hidden vegetable layer, and used my father-in-law's recipe for tomato sauce, and popped it in the oven for a while and look what came out!

I was so wowed with the lava-texture crispy top noodle layer that I needed a photo asap.

For some reason I remember bookmarking this "Curry Udon Noodle Stir Fry" from a million (seven) years ago, and decided to try it. I love noodles, so I knew this would end well, and it did. The sauce is made ahead of time while the veggies cook, much like any stir fry, and then you douse the noodles and veggies in your curry peanut sauce and you never really need to order out again.

I don't usually make three separate recipes like this, but I was anxious to try some of the "sides" from the book, so I made the Italian Marinated Grilled Tofu and the Herbed-Scalloped potatoes, and let me tell you-- the potatoes were SO easy and SO good. I think I liked them even better than the Scalloped Potatoes from Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook, which is way more work and energy than this one. This one I would easily make any day of the week. The tofu was good, no frills, bare-bones tofu.

Perhaps my fave so far, The Chickpeas Romesco was so good with some white rice and fresh herbs. A great winter dish, or dish to make when you have no groceries, because what self-respecting vegan has no chickpeas in their pantry at all times?

V excited to make more recipes from this book and from others :) What are your favorite recipes from Veganomicon?

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