Memory Lane: Stromboli

When I lived in New Jersey, there was this "legendary" place in my city that made stromboli and called them "boli"(s) a...

When I lived in New Jersey, there was this "legendary" place in my city that made stromboli and called them "boli"(s) and we used to go there all the time. I blogged about this during mofo at least three years ago, you can read a younger, less-polished KZ tell stories about it here

But for those of y'all who have places to go and other blogs to read, the short story is that I didn't drink beer when I moved to New Jersey, and then one day, after having the world's worst sangria at a bar, decided to order a beer for once.

After our drink, we went to meet some friends for dinner at the aforementioned restaurant with bolis. I was now interested in trying more beers, and this restaurant has a giant list of beers available, so I tried all sorts of great new-to-me beers, and I've been a beer-girl ever since.

A vegan boli at that restaurant is hardly much more than pizza dough with red sauce, but I still have fond memories of being there at a long table with a ton of my new friends in New Jersey, drinking some new beers together and it warms my heart to think about.

I have made this a few times for Superbowl, too and the boys at the party are usually to zoned into the game that they did not notice that there was eggplant in this bread or that they were eating vegan superbowl snacks. I've actually had this be requested to bring back a second time!

 So it turns out that 30 days of nothing but comfort food recipes is easier said than done. I haven't been able to eat the food fast enough to keep up with my posts, and I probably gained several pounds since Mofo began. But I will keep cranking them out as fast as I can, in the name of Holy Mofo, and of p'zone-looking stromboli.

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  1. I was always a calzone girl... but I never liked ordering them, only making them at home. I need to be your friend to eat your stromboli at the next superbowl ^__~ It is so impressively tidy!

    1. Yeah girl! I love superbowl! But pretty much exclusively for the food haha!