Memory Lane: Brunch

If you take brunch more seriously than most people you know, you might be vegan. I have been hosting elaborate brunches for my friends an...

If you take brunch more seriously than most people you know, you might be vegan.
I have been hosting elaborate brunches for my friends and family for years, but only beginning after going vegan. When Vegan Brunch came out, I cooked every recipe in it. Even the ones without pictures, you guys. I made breakfast casseroles, vegan omelets, chocolate beer waffles, vegan breakfast sausages, muffins, tofu scramble, pumpkin pancakes, almond-berry crepes (I bought a crepe pan), I roasted so many potatoes.... Brunch was a way of life. 

And it still is! Last weekend on my very special birthday, I wanted an hour and 20 minutes for a table at Champs! Brunch at champs... well by the time we got our table, it was definitely lunch. But hey, when you are committed, you are committed.
This morning I had every intention of making breakfast sandwiches with tofu scramble and Chao cheese on english muffins, vegan ones I found at Riverwards, and I was so excited to make them but my life is crazy and they went bad before I got to them. I also haven't grocery shopped in two weeks. So yeah I made a clean-out-the-fridge brunch today, and it was awesome. It' not vegan brunch without a tofu scramble! Alongside I roasted some butternut squash that was looking like it was on its last legs, 4 remaining potatoes from a 5lb bag, and the sauteed the rest of my kale. I also cooked 3 slices of benevolent bacon that I had in a baggie in the fridge from Glob only knows, and tossed them in with some Chao original, and topped it with the 8 remaining cherry tomatoes in my fridge, sliced in half. Oh and I had three taco-sized tortillas that I... included. I gave alex two and ate one myself. It feels so good to clean out the fridge and actually make something tasty. My breakfast sandwiches would have been perfect for my theme because they are the first memory I have of cooking, with my Dad! But I have probably blogged about that before. I will make them soon, stay tuned!!

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  1. I like your theory that vegans like brunch more than the average person! Berlin has at least five places offering all-you-can-eat vegan brunch, so whenever I go for a visit I go for at least one of those. It's a dream come true!

  2. Wow, an hour and a half for a table! That's some serious commitment to brunch. The good news about our small town is that waiting for a table at a restaurant is a rarity, and waiting for a table at our local vegan restaurant is an impossibility. The bad news is that there are painfully few vegan brunch options here. It's a shame, because brunch is the best!

    I'm also a huge fan of breakfast sandwiches. I hope you get your fix soon!