I'm KZ and my favorite food is Mac & Cheese

Always has been. Always will be. My one true love is mac & cheese. I fell hard for this dinner as a child, in the late 80s and early 90...

Always has been. Always will be. My one true love is mac & cheese. I fell hard for this dinner as a child, in the late 80s and early 90s. As kids, my brother and I would have happily have eaten Kraft Mac & Cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pretty much devoid of any nutrition whatsoever, pure magic came out of this box. Especially the kind with shaped pasta!! The shapes just tasted better. I think they held more sauce. But they were just more fun in general. Men in high rise office buildings sat in on an important meeting where they discussed the chemicals in the flavor pack that would make kids go absolutely nuts for this box throughout their formative years and bury them in a mountain of cash. They are still buried in that pile of cash. I digress.

Going vegan, I knew I'd never be able to indulge in the blue box ever again. But as luck would have it, Earth Balance makes a pretty dang good dupe, and I always keep a few boxes in the back of my pantry for a rainy day. Nothing brings me back like boxed mac & cheese. But when I'm feeling less shameful, I actually cook myself a proper mac & cheese from items found in nature. 

Most recently, I whipped up the Buffalo Chickpea Mac & Cheese from Vegan Bowl Attack, which was a welcome variation on plain old regular mac. I loved this and cherished the leftovers for a week.

I might go as far as to say that the Pesto Mac from Chloe's Vegan Italian Kitchen is my favorite mac. That's a pretty heavy endorsement, because I'm basically a professional mac and cheese eater and cooker. I've made this about 17 times and kind of want to go make it right now.

It also photographs real nice.

I've been known to seek out mac where mac is to be had, and surely it is in Brooklyn, NYC. Pretty much every Shop Up I attended, mac was consumed. The most reliable vendor for a sturdy mac, I feel, is Freakin' Vegans. Plus, they have empanadas, and which is better-- mac & cheese with empanadas, or mac & cheese without any empanadas? I think I've answered for everyone already.

Once the Mac Daddy Bowl debuted on Champs' menu, it became physically impossible for me to ever order anything but that whenever I went (extremely often). Try as I might, rehearsed saying "Drunken Cowgirl" aloud beforehand, whispered, "Soltero Bowl" under my breath as others ordered, nothing but "I'll have the Mac Daddy Bowl" would ever leave my lips when it was time to order. I just learned not to fight the urge after a while. I mean, who's strong enough to fight an urge like that?

This is another time I made pesto mac. It's the best. It just is.

Happy Vegan MoFo everyone!! I would love everyone to tell me what their favorite vegan mac & cheese recipe is so that I can make it. I can't wait to read all of your entries about the food you can't help but cook way more often than you should! If I am counting correctly, this is my sixth time participating in MoFo, and I can't wait to be introduced to a whole new world of participating vegan bloggers, as well as read old friends' entries and glimpse a peek into what's been going on in their respective kitchens. 

Much love to you all

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  1. Good luck on your 6th MoFo! Very impressive! My favorite mac & cheese is easily Kittee's recipe from Teff Love. I love, love, love it so much. Even when I order mac and cheese at wonderful vegan restaurants, I'm always a little disappointed it's not Kittee's.

    1. I should make Kittee's mac again! I only made it one time and have forgotten all about it! Maybe I'd be a good one to make for the Fusion prompt!!

  2. I think that you love mac & cheese as much as I do!! I hope that we can eat it together one day!

  3. Happy Vegan MoFo! So many awesome mac & cheeses! My post tomorrow just so happens to be my favorite mac & cheese!

  4. I remember first going vegan and having the only option be Mac and Chreese. There is a special little place in my heart for them, but I was so excited when Earth Balance made their boxed mac and cheese. Now they just need fun shapes to make it all perfect. I'm with you- those spongebob shapes (or whatever) make a huge difference!

    1. The shapes make it!! I don't know what it is about them haha!