Beauty Review Party: Pacifica Haul

I have been so off my game lately. So much happened in March that it seems like it was the longest month, but somehow I feel like I slept t...

I have been so off my game lately. So much happened in March that it seems like it was the longest month, but somehow I feel like I slept through all of it. I don't believe I have blogged since I had the flu. The flu is no joke. It messed me up. It's been really grey and windy and I just sort of fell into a youtube black hole and never climbed out. So yeah, the past four weeks or so have been a whirlwind of work, eat, sleep, youtube, repeat. One of the sources responsible for my hibernation is Wife Life, A girl named Rhian who does these great vegan/cruelty free makeup videos, and I have been binge-watching them for like, ever. I'm pretty sure we're going to be best friends as soon as she finds out I exist. So shit is not really going my way, and I'm consoling myself with makeup, with tips from Rhian. 
I went to an Ulta in Rego Park (don't go) thinking I would casually browse for all the sweet cruelty-free beauty products I have learned out, and that it would be a peaceful, easy saturday experience. Not the case, as it is huge and you will never find anything you were ever looking for and no one will have heard of any of the makeup lines you are asking about. Also you will find one tub of Pacifica coffee body scrub, and then it will leak oil all over your coat. Huge fail.

To further console myself from not being able to console myself, I went online and purchased an irresponsible amount of makeup. I chose stuff from Pacifica because their whole line is vegan, cruelty-free, and a portion of the proceeds go to supporting clean water. Also because their products smell really good, and the packaging is all unbelievably pretty. I have a few of their products already, like their Stellar Gaze Mascaraeye linerEye shadow trio (from a Vegan Cuts beauty box), BB CreamCC CreamSerum Foundationnail polish, and Body wash from #irresponsiblepurchases past, and they all worked out pretty well for me, so yeah I went and got more.
 First up, I got concealer. I haven't worn any since forever or since college, and even then I think I just would use it to dot over the occasional pimple when I still had perfect, baby skin. Now I'm old and my skin is basically toast, and I needed this. So I got a concealer and an under-eye brightener because I'm not sure but apparently you need them both. I will paint my under-eye with both of them and see what happens.

Oh, and free stuff! They sent me this along with my order, a free kale face wash. They must know that all vegans love kale. It's a sample size, but they know any free stuff is always welcome. I am still searching for the best face wash. I have tried about 1,000 and none seem to really be the one. I want one that doesn't overdry my skin, and that still cleans out my pores good. Isn't that all we ever want from face wash? Why is it so hard to find?

Okay so I know I said I already have one of their mascaras, but this one has a UNICORN on it.

Hold on.. TWO unicorns! This is the Dream Big Mascara, and if you twist the lid, the bristles move further apart or closer together so you can get length and then volume. But mostly, unicorns.

This is the Perfect Lotus Universal Powder, and I definitely must say I was surprised by how small it was when it arrived. I was torn between buying this one and the Too Faced Primed and Poreless powder, but the Pacifica one was half the price, Now I can see why. It is really pretty though..

So I got this by accident, one of those things you had in your cart from the last time you were browsing on the site, and then it showed up in the box with all the other stuff, and it's like a *whoops* situation. But two primers are better than one, especially because it's so super silky and nice that you want to use way more than you probably should every time.

This is the primer I intended to purchase. Which I love and have already slathered all over my face for fun. It makes my skin really soft and smooth and all the stuff it says it will do as well. It also smells really nice and has a nice bottle with purple stuff. All the things you want in a primer.

I love this lotion! It smells like vanilla cake and is lightly sparkly. I have already used probably half the bottle and all I can think about while I'm using it is how I'm going to get more soon. Putting on sparkly stuff when you feel like life isn't very great helps life feel a little bit more great. It's science.

I got a few packs of these facial wipes for taking off my makeup because I ran out of the huge stash of products I had to take makeup off with finally. In the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box, I had gotten about 5 different products all to take makeup off with, and I finally finished all of them up. I got this kind and the Essential Wipes. The coconut water ones smell better. They do burn a little when you swipe over the eyes. But the eyes are where I need the most help getting makeup off, so I did a lot of extra swiping there. It takes a little effort to get all of it off, but hey, I'll go through them.

Main event: The Solar Complete Color Mineral Palette, It comes in such a beautiful box, and inside that is such a sleek palette that looks like this on the front:

And this on the back!

I love waves.. They got me with the waves. Anyway, this palette is perfect because it has everything in one place, the highlighter, bronzer, blush, and eye colors. It is so sleek that it could fit into even a tiny little purse to take along to whatever place you are going, easy for pretty much everything. I am super excited to play with these.

So yeah, that was my tax-return gift to myself. I wonder what I will call the next gift to myself that I purchase. Maybe I'm just bribing myself to get out of bed.

Hopefully sometime soon I'll have some food to show you. I am going to start cooking again. Soon. Swear.

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  1. Best: sparkly lotion
    Worst: the wipes burn? I don't think you should use them!!
    Treat yo'self; you deserve it.

    1. Yaassss to the sparkly lotion, and yeah the wipes burn my eyes. I have three packs though. At least they smell good haha