Beauty Review Party Starts Now!

I decided I want to start reviewing the vegan beauty products I buy, since I've been starting to wear makeup and stuff again and I ha...

I decided I want to start reviewing the vegan beauty products I buy, since I've been starting to wear makeup and stuff again and I have been scouring the internet for good vegan beauty product reviews and I trust a person's opinion based on personal experience. So yeah, I am super excited to try all these new-to-me brands of vegan makeup and skincare, which I can so easily find out about using my Leaping Bunny App on my phone! Damn it feels good to be vegan in 2015...

So, makeup costs a lot more than I remember spending on makeup back in the day. But this isn't drugstore makeup. But if you think about it, products that are tested on animals are cheaper probably because you don't have to pay the animals you are testing them on... Or the reason products are made with animal products is they are cheaper. So therefore, a less cruel, plant-based alternative to that would make sense to cost more. I distracted myself by admiring the pretty packaging of my purchase.

Inside, you get this nice metal palette and a sample of their "eyeshadow primer potion" which comes in four varieties, for each of which there is a sample. I began with the "Anti-Aging" variety, because #foreveryoung , you know?

Each color is named something silly, like factory, but that's okay. It makes it more entertaining when you're choosing your colors in the morning. It also comes with this sweet dual-tipped shadow brush!

One end is big for the lid and brow areas..

And one end is small for the crease and corners! They think of everything :)

I chose "burnout" for my lid color, "dust" for my crease, "strange" for my brow and "nooner" for my corners. What that says about me, I have absolutely no idea.

For my liner, I used the 100% Pure liquid eyeliner I got in my Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. I'm getting slightly better at applying it... It stays on all day and is actually kind of stubborn coming off. At least you know it isn't going to smudge or go anywhere all day.

This I picked up at Haymaker's Corner Store, since I realized I'd been using makeup remover pads that weren't cruelty-free, and so I gave this a shot. I always see them at the Shop-Ups but I was never really in the market for beauty and makeup stuff until now, so I sort of just passed over them. I love their packaging :) It comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a little pump that I immediately knocked over and smashed on my bathroom floor. I got to use it only once :( But it did work well, and took off my stubborn eyeliner with just a few swipes. I'll buy it again someday, but for now I bought something that came in a plastic bottle... 

I bought this for Alex, since he is so keen on growing his "beard". I am not a beard fan, really, but it's okay with me that he can't grow a burly one since his face is too cute to cover up. What does grow on his face pokes me like little sharp daggers. I bought him this in hopes that it would help soften the hairs and make it less painful to smooch him :). He said he likes the smell, but so far it hasn't really dulled the sharpness.

I also grabbed one of these chapsticks, because the winter is very cruel to my lips and I want to be prepared! 

Plus I really liked the shape of this tube. I have used it a bunch and am into it! 
Let me know about your vegan beauty faves :) More reviews (and food) to follow soon!!

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