Weekend Withdrawls

During the week, it's easy to feel unproductive. My mornings are dedicated to workouts and smoothies, and my evenings consist of cleani...

During the week, it's easy to feel unproductive. My mornings are dedicated to workouts and smoothies, and my evenings consist of cleaning, food shopping, cooking an passing out on the couch. There isn't a whole lot of time for anything else! But when the weekend rolls around, it's important to me to go out and enjoy the city I pay too much to live in. If I don't, well, then what's the point?
I have a lot of favorites when it comes to places to get vegan food in NYC, and it's usually easy to separate them into categories based on how we want our day to go. Is it in Brooklyn, Manhattan or Queens, are we driving there or taking the subway, eat in or take out, wifi or no wifi, and is it pay day or off-week? Unfortunately it's pretty rare to score cheap vegan food in NYC, but I like to think about what I'd be eating if I moved back to my hometown, and the food tastes better while I forget the cost. One spot we've been to only once before, but I loved the first time, is the Little Choc Apothecary on Havemeyer Street in Brooklyn. It's really close, easy to park, and you can just stay there and read or work. Plus I really like their food...

I had a hard time making up my mind, but I'm sure any crepe you order would be good. Last time I got the pizza crepe, which was crazy good, this time I got the burrito crepe, which was good but too crispy to cut and eat with ease. Also I kept seeing other pictures of it on Instagram, and they have virtually no consistency with how they serve their crepes. I got a little drizzle of sauce, others got a beautifully fanned avocado and a dusting of chile powder. WTF where is my dusting?? Overall the crepes tasted great no matter what kind of presentation effort was put in.  

I like to order their juices because, well I guess I just like the glass and the idea. Alex gets a coffee like a normal person. Unfortunately both times we visited, the person taking our order was very unfriendly, and the service was extremely slow. It's too bad! The food and decor are the opposite -- welcoming and adorable. I will probably still go back, but only because the food is so good.

We have been cooking from our cookbook rotation program! By we, I mean I, and it's been pretty heavy-handed on the Chloe's Vegan Italian Kitchen. This is Tomato Bread Soup! It's pretty great. And easy! Speaking of Chloe, we have gone to her restaurant about 6 times already since it opened this summer and it is so amazingly delicious. I haven't taken a picture of my food from her restaurant probably because it's a complete madhouse in there and you basically have to pounce on a seat the second someone even motions to get up. Like, put your butt in the chair maybe even before the person has vacated the chair. It's that serious. I've yet to see it not busy, which I assume happens never. Again, another reason to skip it -- but I can't. The food is too good.

We went to see Titus Andronicus at Warsaw in Brooklyn a couple weekends ago, which was so fun and great. My friend Julian is hiding in this picture, but he is playing bass. Swear. 

I had a major craving for this Tofu Mushroom Stroganoff at some point last week. I know I'm suppose to be making new recipes from cookbooks I never use, but the craving was too strong! I also had a bunch of extra mushrooms.

Alex loves making popcorn. I'm not amazing at it and usually burn some, so we used the recipe from Thug Kitchen and had pretty much universal success! He wanted to make the popcorn-trio à la Costco and their ubiquitous large holiday tins. We made the recipe for Herbed Popcorn from the book, and then he put chocolate syrup and salt on some, and nooch and chili oil on some more. I think I just like mine straight up with olive oil and nooch. Sometimes it might be nice to get movie-style vegan popcorn just for the thrill. Just to know that we can! 

We've been to Blossom on Carmine a couple times this fall, both wonderful successes. I finally tried the Salmon Tofu that they are so famous for. It was amazing and maybe a little salmon-like, but mostly tofu-like. That's okay. I'm vegan, so... I wish they would take it easy on the horseradish creme with dill they put on the top. You can just see a tiny sliver of pink underneath it! Overall it tasted great and I would order it again! It's also all about the gnocchi for appetizers!!

We saw Jim Shaw's Entertaining Doubts show at Mass MoCA last month, and knew we wanted to see his show in NYC, The End Is Here, at the New Museum. We went on the weekend of my birthday to check it out! I really like the show in Mass better. The NYC show was more... well, trippy shit. I think his other show certainly had elements of that too, but the overall quality of the work at Mass MoCA was just a lot more appealing. The show at the New Museum has mostly a large collection of his early comics, drawing, and collections of objects or found works. There was at least one room that had 4 or 5 large paintings that were really great, exhibiting his skill while still supporting his satirical style. The rest, well, I wouldn't go back twice.

On the top floor of the New Museum, theres a sky-lounge where you can step out and see the view of the city. It was a little cloudy, but still very impressive! On my actual birthday we went to Paulie Gee's for vegan pizza in Greenpoint, which was delicious, but it's far too dark in there to take any pictures! I noticed a lot of people using the light of their phones to read the menu. However- they make a great effort to include vegans, and not a shabby effort either! They are constantly adding new vegan pizzas to their menu, and their vegan pizza is not just your average daiya cheese. They make their own vegan sausage, vegan cashew ricotta, season with nooch(!) and cary vegan ice cream for dessert. It's pretty expensive for a personal-sized pizza, (18$!!) but honestly, I really appreciate the effort to have such proper vegan options at a pizza place, when they could easily just say, "the tomato pie is vegan" and call it a day. I'm looking at you, Roberta's.

 My husband looking super cute as he always does, at the top of the New Museum in the LES.

While we were food shopping at one point last week, Alex picked up a prickly pear and asked me what it was. I identified it, mostly because I'm a Chopped ninja, but also because ever since my parents visited Texas they have been huge fans of the prickly pear, mostly in margarita form. We bought three and took them home to make a smoothie with them. The seeds dont really grind up well, even after several minutes on high in a Vitamix. If you have a juicer, I think juicing them is the way to go. Otherwise, next time I will think about trying to remove the seeds before blending. They are okay to just drink, but don't try to chew them... They are harder than raspberry seeds. The juice provides this gorgeous hot pink color maybe not otherwise found in nature, and a very delicious sweet taste!

I made my second pizza from Chloe's Vegan Italian Kitchen, the White Wild Mushroom Pizza. This is definitely my spirit pizza. I've discussed at length over many blog posts before, that as a child, I loved mushrooms so much that when my family ordered a party-sized combination pizza I would take all the mushrooms off and put them on my piece. Alex, once a mushroom-hater, really enjoyed this pizza! I was definitely impressed by that, though he said it could be improved by red sauce, to which I disagreed. The Mozzarella Sauce is for real tho.

Much to my surprise I found a recipe from Isa Does It that I hadn't made! This is the Cast-Iron Stir-Fry and it has tofu, broccoli, onions, peppers, and avocado in a hoisin-soy sauce. There's chopped peanuts too. It was so easy to make and reminded me of when all I ever knew how to make was stir-fries. In a good way.

Alex has been asking me to make gnocchi for him nonstop since we ate gnocchi at Blossom, so I made the Garlic Herb Gnocchi from Chloe's Vegan Italian Kitchen with a vegetable and white bean mix on the side. I say "on the side" because it takes up the whole other side of the plate besides the gnocchi. The gnocchi tasted great, but I think they needed a sauce. I doubled the recipe since she only called for one potato (?).
More weekend adventures and vegan cookbook reviews are to follow!

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  1. You make me feel really bad about myself for hardly ever cooking. That sticks about Little Choc, but I have that experience a lot in general- inconsistency and bad service. A certain restaurant touts free chips and salsa with every meal; never on my watch!

    1. Yeah it's a shame when the food is so good and the place is so nice. The girl also argued with me about putting my coffee in a mug instead of a to-go cup. She said they were "out of mugs" while I stared at a stack of them, and that "it makes no difference" if it's in a to-go cup. I still will probably go back, but will keep writing bad reviews hahaha! Don't feel bad about not cooking, there are plenty of spaghetti nights that are not pictured ;).