3 Brothers Pizza Cafe in Long Island

3 Brothers is a pizza place in Long Island that is a normal Italian joint with pizza and regular Italian food, but also has an entirely dif...

3 Brothers is a pizza place in Long Island that is a normal Italian joint with pizza and regular Italian food, but also has an entirely different huge vegan menu. I have been to their old location in Rockville Center twice, but hadn't been since they moved to their Farmingdale location until now. We've been having ongoing car troubles over the past year and it's inspection time. We keep trying to get our car to pass and every time our mechanic does one of his "tricks" it involves us having to drive the car 60 miles until he can try again or pass the car forgodssake. Even though we just want to be done with the repairs, we have however been enjoying a couple of road trips to far away restaurants during the process, and it became literally our only reason to drive to Long Island last night. For vegan food, of course. 

I got these mozzarella sticks the first time I went to the Rockville Center one and loved them so much. The second time I went, they said they were all out, and I almost cried. This time I ordered them the second my butt touched the chair, so as not to waste any time. As soon as they arrived I ate three of the five back to back and my will to live was slowly restored. They are just daiya, but they just do it really right. Also how do you guys pronounce daiya? I always thought it was  "DIE-ya" but I heard a few people say "DAY-ya" and I was like, how silly, but then someone told me they got corrected by someone from daiya when they pronounced it "DIE-ya" and that the true way is "DAY-ya." What gives?

 Mozzarella Stick bound for Hollywood

 A perfect reproduction of a frozen food childhood fave.

The bottles of water for the tables were so fancy, they looked like they could hold angels' tears.

I ordered the seitan scarpariello, which is like a sausage-and-peppers-with-setian thing. It was okay. the pasta was undercooked and the seitan had a really weird texture. And I filled up on the bread and salad and mozzarella sticks by the time this came, so shame on me. #sorrynotsorry.

I will say that the entrees came on Italian-sized plates. That is to say that the plates the entrees were served on were the size of Italy. That was great for us, except that we forgot to bring our extended families with us to help us eat all of it. Alex ordered the seitan parmesan, which ruled. It was so good and everything you want from seitan parmesan. I wish I had ordered it -- or not ordered mine and just ate a KZ-sized portion of his. There would still be leftovers for both of us. Anyway, A+ on the seitan parm. Oh, and I love that "GO VEGAN" is painted multiple times on the front windows, and that all of the waiters' shirts have "Go Vegan!" written underneath their "3 Brothers" logo. It warmed my progressive vegan heart.

For dessert we shared the PB Bomb, which like all their desserts, comes from Vegan Treats bakery. It was a clear choice, because peanut butter, but they had lots of great options like keylime cheesecake and white chocolate raspberry cheesecake and PB brownie cake and lots of other stuff too.

We could barely fit this inside our bodies. But we did. We did it. In the name of peanut butter and vegan food.
Overall I had a great meal and a great evening. It was a hefty bill -- $80 for two. We shared an appetizer and a large salad, each got an entree (that will feed us maybe two more times each) and split a dessert. So for Italian food, I'd say that's a little overpriced. But I have no real complaints, besides my entree not being my favorite. I'm sure most other things I could have ordered would have been great. We did skip the alcohol, which is what usually drives up the bill, but we did get and appetizer and a dessert, so that ain't cheap either. But I'm a young adult and it's possible one day we won't be young adults anymore, and maybe we'll have a mortgage and a million blonde vegan baby brats to feed, and we won't be able to drive 60 miles on a Tuesday night for Italian food. So I think we should get apps and zerts now. We're young. Right?

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  1. No shame in your game!
    So, do you have to drive 60 miles TO your mechanic, or just because it somehow helps your car? I don't get it!
    Haven't been to 3 Brothers in over a year; that tidbit about their shirts is so cool! Good for them.
    I would have absolutely no problem inhaling that parm in one sitting, so I'm wondering how you've mentally divided it into 3 meals? Then again maybe I need to cut back ;-)

  2. I've ben wanting to visit this place since Jay first started adding vegan items to the menu. I love that they now have Go Vegan on their shirts - so cool.

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