Peacefood & Against Me!

Some time ago, Alex spontaneously scored some tickets to see Against Me! on a Saturday in early May, and off we went! It was at the Webster...

Some time ago, Alex spontaneously scored some tickets to see Against Me! on a Saturday in early May, and off we went! It was at the Webster Hall, which is conveniently located on the same street as Peacefood Cafe, which I think has got to be the most underrated vegan restaurant in NYC. This hidden gem has crazy variety, with all types of meals from casual to superfancy. Last time I was there I got a salad and Alex got a sandwich. This time I got linguine with white clam sauce and Alex got the seitan cutlet with mashed potatoes, cauliflower and mushroom gravy. Superfancy, right??

The linguine was so amazing. The oyster mushrooms were so clam-like and the sauce really had the sea-flavor I remember. It tasted like truly authentic Italian food. I loved it!!

We don't get dessert often but we were really taken with the dessert case here. We decided on the chocolate cake, because sometimes, you have to have just chocolate cake. Right? 

The show was so amazing. If you ever get the chance to see Against Me! live, you have to go. I felt like it was one of the most important shows I've ever seen, like it was bigger than me or just music. As soon as Laura came out on stage, she looked so happy, and it was such a good feeling. They really are pros, and the show was unbelievable, and packed to the brim with Trans-Allies!

I took a pic of a make-shift breakfast of tomato slices on a pita with some avocado, smoked paprika, salt and pepper with lime. Oh, and some Califia Farms Almond milk. No words.

Speaking of Califia Farms, I finally tried their almond milk Ice Coffees! I always get so jealous on a hot summer day when you see those starbucks iced coffee bottles, and I'm like WHY NOT ME?? but now that ship has sailed, because these are stocked at my local bodega. I tried the salted caramel too, but it was a bit too sweet for me. This one was way better, not super sweet, and so refreshing. Why did no one ever tell me WTF cold brew was? I've been curdling almond milk in my ice coffee since '09. What gives?

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  1. I can't believe I've still never seen Against Me, next time they play the UK I should really rectify that! I only discovered Peacefood on the last day of my NYC trip in Jan but I'll definitely be heading back for that linguini, yum!

  2. Against Me! is so awesome. I think seeing a band live makes you like them even more than before. Peacefood is so great, I'm surprised it's such a well-kept secret in NYC. You'll definitely like it. See you in NYC soon!