In The New Year

Just a few weeks ago I was looking through my resolutions for 2013. Some of them can be crossed off, but really, the bulk of the list remai...

Just a few weeks ago I was looking through my resolutions for 2013. Some of them can be crossed off, but really, the bulk of the list remains the same. There are a few of the generic healthy resolutions on it, like exercise more, eat more green stuff, drink more water, etc.. But most of the things on 2013's resolution list had to do with improving myself as a person, relaxing, and staying positive. Those of you who work with me know damn well that I have not accomplished these resolutions, as I can remember a direct quote from my boss in New Jersey, "You are like the thinnest string on a guitar, the most likely to snap." I don't want to be that string, you guys. I want to be like the first string on a bass or something. The thick one. Anyways, I made my list tonight, including a lot of the same kinds of resolutions, but also kept it much shorter, yes this is actually shorter, than last year's. I didn't even bother including "save money" because I'm not even going to pretend like that will happen to me this year. A surplus of money? No, no, more like a surplus of cookies. I like cookies.

I wrote that quote on my arm every day for a month last year just so l would have to look at it so often that it would force myself to read it and calm down from whatever I was pissed off at, just for a second and be like, "Hey, I love that song!" Maybe I'll tattoo it on myself. Sorry Mom.

So I know I said I'm going to eat healthier and stuff, but I still have 6 hours left to enjoy and relish my failed resolutions, so I made pizzas! I did, however, make the crust from whole wheat flour. So there's that... This is Polish Pizza, for all the Polskas out there who love sauerkraut and musrooms. Some caramelized red onions add sweetness to the tangy party.

 Return of the cucumber sauce! I feel like it adds the freshness that you crave when you have a facefull of sauerkraut.

My BF has been asking me to make mashed potato pizza forever. He used to get this mashed potato pizza when he was living in New Haven at a place called BAR. Mine is better because it's vegan. I made some coconut bacon to sprinkle over the top along with some toasted garlic chips.

 After Mashed Potato and Kapusta Pizza, we made peanut butter criss-cross cookies from Chloe's Vegan Desserts. 

 This tray was like SO heavy, you guys.
 Just kidding, it's not.

Then we dipped the cookies in chocolate and sprinkled them with powdered sugar, muddy buddy-style, a la Petite Panettiere.

I'll drink to those!
Happy New Year to all the vegans out there! May your 2014 be filled with prosperity, good health, punk music, and peanut butter.

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  1. Love your resolutions & those cookies! The pizzas look soo yummy!