Restaurant Review: The Green Bean, Northampton Mass

This is my 100th post guys! Whoo! To 100 more vegan rants and recipes! I'm not cooking tonight for the sake of leftovers and fatigue, ...

This is my 100th post guys! Whoo! To 100 more vegan rants and recipes!
I'm not cooking tonight for the sake of leftovers and fatigue, so I thought I'd share a review of my favorite breakfast spot to hit up when I'm back home where I grew up, in Northampton, Massachusetts. My BF and I have been hitting Northampton hard for 10 years, starting as kids running around getting pizza at Mimo's, and perusing through vinyl and cds at Turn it Up records before causing mischief at local shows at Pearl Street's Basement. Now a days, we love meeting up with old friends for drinks and pool at Ye Old Watering Hole, family dinner outings at the Brewery, and grabbing mushroom burgers super late after a long night at Local Burger. We visit every single time we come back. We probably won't ever live back in Massachusetts again, but if we ever did, man, what a place to live. Northampton sums up the happiest times I spent growing up. ::sniff::

Did I mention Northampton is a great vegan city? It has a huge population of vegans and environmentalists, and people who just are into healthy local living. This breakfast/lunch cafe, The Green Bean, is a great spot for brunch, with plenty of vegan options. I love that you can sub tofu for any of the scrambles that are on the menu, and I always do. I should probably try something new, but the one thing I got the first time I went, I loved so much that I don't ever want to not eat it. It's a greek-inspired scramble with cubed tofu (best part), olives, spinach and sundried tomatoes with little pickled red onions. It comes with a side of roasted potatoes, because what kind of breakfast is complete without them? Oh and also you can sub a muffin or whatever for a vegan corn pancake! And they're amazing. Vegan butter also available. A multitude of hot sauces are available for your fiery pleasure as well.

The idea of a corn-pancake never sounded wildly appealing to me before I tried these. I had the heavenly image of fluffy, soft, pillowy pancakes and the idea of gritty cornmeal seemed to ruin all that for me. But since they only have corn-pancakes, it made me change my ways. Now I only want corn-pancakes. Also, I always forget to tell them to leave the feta off my scramble and my waiter always comes back to clarify if I'm vegan or not and don't want feta, and want vegan butter on my pancakes. They rule. They have free refills on coffee, as any proper breakfast place does, but I like their collection of silly coffee cups that you get to choose at the self-serve coffee station. The kind of cup you would never buy, but would like to drink out of on occasion, maybe. Whatever. 

Heavenly vegan corn-pancakes. Huge yet un-forgoable.

I'm sure I'm not alone in my love for Northampton, as I've never met anyone who's been there and not loved it. If you ever get the chance to visit, you should hit up The Green Bean and many of the other vegan places in Northampton. 

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  1. I visited Northampton on a road trip last spring and I loved it. We had cake at Green Bean and ice creams at Herrell's and I remember there was a brilliant chocolate shop!

    1. Awesome! I think the chocolate shop you mean is Sweetie's. It's awesome.