Classic Flavor List!

So I decided that from now on, in addition to the special flavors inspired by a certain seasonal spirit, holiday, event, weather pattern, or...

So I decided that from now on, in addition to the special flavors inspired by a certain seasonal spirit, holiday, event, weather pattern, or occasion, I will have a list of my favorite classic flavors that are requested all the time. We all know I can make the biggest, prettiest, fanciest, punkest, meanest, maddest cupcake in the West, but sometimes, some people might still look at it and think, "Naah... I'd rather waste the calories on a huge vanilla cupcake with sprinkles, or a pure and unadulterated chocolate cupcake, or something that has a cherry on top. A lot of times, people want to eat desserts that remind them of when they were kids. Sometimes I talk to my friends about my crazy ideas for my cupcakes and I'll ask them things like, "Which berry do you think best compliments champagne?" And they will answer, "Why don't you make a vanilla cupcake? Now that sounds good!" I suppose not everyone dreams of eating a four course meal in cupcake form. Maybe when they think it's time to splurge on a dessert, they want to eat something they know they'll love. I guess I can swing that.

For friends' birthdays I try to make them their favorite flavor. If it's my friend Patrick, I know I've got to bring something with chocolate and peanut butter. If it's my friend Brian, I know he's gonna go for the vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. My dad will light up if I bring him home red velvet cupcakes, and my mom will find no guilt in houzing cupcakes if they're coffee flavor. I'm lucky enough that my friends and family will try anything I put before them, but at the end of the day, the reason I do what I do is to make them happy, and sometimes they're happiest with the classics.

So here is my list of classics, as I consider them. I'd happily run train on a dozen of any of these flavors without the need of a special occasion. Hopefully, you won't need one either. These will be available year-round-- which is all the time. That means if you have an emergency, like a raging painful craving for chocolate cupcakes, a nightmare about a world that outlawed cupcakes, or a special uncle flying in from Czechoslovakia last-minute and he's on a strict banana-split diet and all the Friendly's are closed, then I'm your girl. 

Vanilla/Vanilla with sprinkles! The best birthday cupcake ever!

Chocolate Glaze- chocolate cake with ganache center, dipped in ganache and sprinkled with oreo pieces.

Banana Split- banana cake, vanilla buttercream, chocolate drizzle, chopped peanuts and a cherry

Chocolate Peanutbutter- chocolate cake with ganache center, peanutbutter frosting, chocolate and PB drizzle and mini chips

Red Velvet- red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

Enjoy everbody!

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