Winter Flavor List!!

Testing for my Winter Favor List is now a wrap and the new menu is in effect as of tonight! I had such a fun time coming up with these flavo...

Testing for my Winter Favor List is now a wrap and the new menu is in effect as of tonight! I had such a fun time coming up with these flavors. My mom and dad actually helped me come up with a few too! I have eaten at least one of each cupcake, baked at least 2 dozen of each kind, fed them to hungry co-workers, family members, friends, and English doctoral students alike, and I am ready for a good season! These cupcakes are all authentic and conceived in my brain, and they were all born into my tiny and steamy kitchen to loud punk music. They all have their own attitudes and some are tamer, some are sassier, but it's the holiday season, so I thought it best if they were all derived from classic favorites. This is all to say that my cupcakes are made with much much love.

Nog Cake!
It would be wrong and misleading of me to call these "Eggnog" cupcakes, because there is very obviously no egg present in any portion of any recipe I have ever posted. Soy nog is a fabulous stand-in, that lends the same flavor to the cake as regular old Eggnog would. Eggnog-haters will definitely enjoy the much more subtle nog flavor these cupcakes have. My dad used to make a very similar cake around the holidays, so this is a tribute to my Dad, and his cupcakes. This is a Nog-Spice cake with cream cheese nog frosting, topped with a maraschino cherry. 

No holiday season is complete until one has had at least one gingerbread baked good, in my opinion. These are super moist and muffin-like, with bits of crystallized ginger throughout the batter, topped with cream cheese frosting and crystallized ginger.

Blue Velvet
This cupcake is especially Holiday-oriented because it can appropriately represent more than one occasion. Maybe you're a die-hard David Lynch fan, and you'll eat and love anything that remotely resembles his work. Maybe Hanukkah is the holiday you celebrate? The Hanukkah colors are not an accident! Maybe its late January and the holidays are all over and its super cold and you need a cupcake to help you appreciate the rest of the winter.. This cupcake can pay tribute to the icy blue and white colors winter is famous for. It is a marble vanilla and blue velvet cake with a peppermint buttercream topped with a blue glittery shortbread cookie.

Christmas Party-ready, these cupcakes are festive white and red and minty! It is a marble vanilla and red velvet cake with a pepper mint buttercream topped with crushed peppermint candies.

Hot Chocolate
Quite possibly my favorite cupcake of the season, this cupcake's inspiration is the warm and frothy beverage itself. The chocolate cake is laced with a subtle hint of cayenne and filled with ganache and then for maximum chocolatey impact, spread with a layer of fudge and topped with a vanilla and chocolate swirl buttercream. Score. 

Celebration cupcake!
You thought I'd make a menu without any cupcakes containing alcohol? HA! Think again! This is a New Years-inspired cupcake (really, it could be appropriate for any champagne-worthy celebration). This is a champagne cupcake topped with a raspberry buttercream, a fresh raspberry and gold confetti sugar.

Just like last season, these will all be available by the dozen for 3 months for 25$/dozen. A special or retired flavor may be available upon request. I hope everyone likes and enjoys them! Happy Holidays and New Year everybody!

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