Cupcake Bizz!

I recently made my first cupcake sale! It was to a good friend who wanted to bring some to her sister's wedding shower over the weekend....

I recently made my first cupcake sale! It was to a good friend who wanted to bring some to her sister's wedding shower over the weekend. We had talked about this a while ago and decided on some good classic flavors. The first flavor was peanut butter chocolate, and I mean who doesn't love chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting? If I met someone who said they didn't really like peanut butter with chocolate, I don't know that I would ever fully trust that person...

The cake was a basic chocolate. No frills, just chocolate, pure and unadulterated. The frosting was a buttercream base with lots of added peanut butter. Over the top is a chocolate syrup and peanut butter drizzle, and a sprinkle of mini chips! This might be my favorite cupcake...ever. I hope everyone will agree. Sometimes you just have to go with the classics. They never let you down.

But sometimes, after you've enjoyed the classics, and are craving a little adventure, it's fun to experiment and reinvent a classic, and sort of run the remix on it. That's why I made a banana split cupcake as the second flavor.

The cake is a banana cake, which is a vegan dream come true, because not only do we vegans love our banana bread, but bananas are a natural egg substitute. Not that I ever use a prepackaged "egg substitute," but it's cool to think that bananas in their natural state work to replace an egg, without any fancy explanation.

Anyways, the cupcake is meant to be a tribute to a banana split sundae. The idea is that after you've eaten this cupcake, you've tasted each individual component of a banana split sundae. Call it a deconstruction. Call it whatever you call something brilliant. I call it adorable. The frosting is vanilla buttercream with a chocolate ganache swirl with chopped peanuts and a cherry on top. Classy and Classic.

I was also dying to try out the new boxes I ordered from Papermart last week. They're so awesome. Basically, when I heard the UPS truck, I heard Santa's sleigh land on my rooftop and ran to the bottom of the stairs to wait for the package to be placed in my hands. I also ordered inserts for the cupcakes, so I can put them in the box without having to worry about them sliding all around and ruining my perfect pipe-job. You can witness all of these amazing selling points without even opening the box because it has a window over the top! Here's a picture of these little starlets, already packed and ready to go in their sweet new box, ready for Hollywood...

I hope everyone at the wedding shower enjoyed them! For now, back to the kitchen.

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