Vegan Fun in NYC

My BFF Jessica came to visit me this weekend! Jessica and I have been tight since college, hitting the beaches hard, spring breakin' it...

My BFF Jessica came to visit me this weekend! Jessica and I have been tight since college, hitting the beaches hard, spring breakin' it, and baking brownies together for many many years. I was super psyched to have her come visit me and see my new place. 

Jessica is half-way done being pregnant, so I feel like the best way to say, "bring it on" to the next 4 months to come, is to take her to Champs, in BK for breakfast. We both forgot to take pics of our food, but I've already shown you the breakfast burrito like a hundred times and you can probably picture what pancakes look like all on your own. Job well-done, Champs.

We got a cupcake, just cause.

We went to the Vegan Shop-Up Market in Bushwick despite the L being down all weekend. I considered driving, but I'm super happy I didn't because they ran shuttle buses along the subway route, and they were just free. I'm a fan of free. Plus quicker. Here's a look at what would be our loot from the Shop-Up. Maybe next time we won't eat before we go. That wasn't well thought out.

I feel like the owners of Pine Box Rock Shop have got to be pretty cool, not only because they own and operate a vegan bar, but because the bar is decorated with a bunch of concert tickets! I wish I went to see the Pixies in 2004. They probably rule. I do, however, wonder why/how the Big Buck game landed itself at this bar of all bars. It's an arcade game where you blast animals with huge rifles. I saw my friends playing it once, and was like, "This game is pretty effed up" but maybe it's there to be ironic? I don't know, put something else there instead. Put a cupcake decorating game there. Or a puppy-petting stand. Ooo, I'll run that stand.

We wanted to sit after we scored some pudding from this gal from Chicago, I wish we got her name, but her pudding was real good. I got some coffee and Jess got some gingerale, which is pregnant coffee. So yeah, coffee and pudding is a-okay with me any weekend of the year.

So have you guys ever heard of Nanaimo pudding? We were told it was Canadian and stuff. The girl who sold it to us was really excited about it and Jessica thought she was cute so we bought it. I immediately started texting my Canadian friend to find out WTF this stuff is because it is AMAZING. Apparently it usually comes in bar form. This pudding-remix had an almond-coconut base over chocolate cookie crumbles, then a hard chocolate disc on top. I don't hate it.

Side view.

It's not like you can pass by a salted-caramel turtle and not buy it. I mean, let's be real...

We were tired from our adventures and sugar comas, so we stayed in for a nap and a movie. We wandered up the block for Thai food eventually and once again, forgot to take pics of our food, but I mean everyone has seen what green curry with tofu looks like, right? I took a pic of my Chang so you guys wouldn't get mad. 

We made the Puffy Pillow Pancakes from "Isa Does It" for breakfast, because she was flipping through and kept pointing at the picture saying how puffy they were. Sometimes you gotta make a pregnant lady some pancakes. Life could be worse. We tried not to eat any sugar this morning, so we had greens and hashbrowns alongside our pancakes and opted for fruit instead of syrup, and had green tea instead of hot cocoa. But let's be real, you all know I ate my chocolate pistachio praline bar from Lagusta's Luscious while I wrote this post. It was never a question.

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